3 Spring Lips Colours


When spring time comes around, my bright lipsticks come out to play big time. To be fair, they usually make an appearance all year round but I really crave them during the spring time.

I feel like spring is the perfect time to wear bright lipstick because it isn’t so hot that you know anything you put on your face is going to drip off in sweat if you do anything slightly physical, but it’s still warm enough to celebrate. My go-to colours are an orange/red, a pink/red and a bubblegum pink …

  1. Orange/red. This colour range is a recent discovery for me, I thought it would look terrible on my skintone, but I am so glad I gathered enough balls to try it because I am in love!! I am pictured wearing the infamous Morange by MAC which is the one I tend to gravitate towards most often. It is creamy but long lasting and the most amazing colour. A really really good drugstore alternative is In Love With Ginger by Rimmel, it’s a little more red than Morange but it is definitely still an orange/red. The only negative about these colours is that they tend to make your teeth look a little yellow but other than that they scream spring for me.
  2. Pink/Red. A classic that suits so many skin tones that it should be a staple in anyone’s collection. I’m wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate in 106 and for some reason this colour makes me think of cupcakes and Kim Kardashian … let me explain. Cupcakes because this colour looks like Red Velvet to me and that is my most favourite type of cupcake ever. And Kim Kardashian because she wore a colour similar to this one time and the look is ingrained in my mind because I was obsessed with it for a short (long) period of time. These types of colours are so easy to wear. Just a simple coat of mascara and you’ve got a totally-put-together-but-didn’t-try-hard kinda look. And this colour makes your teeth look super white.
  3. Bubblegum PinkIf you don’t want to go full on in-your-face bright with your lipstick then a bubblegum pink is still a bright pop of colour but it’s a bit more subdued. I’m wearing the Rimmel Apocalips in Nova which is a liquid lipstick so it is super easy to apply and looks quite natural on the lips (as natural is bright pink can be). This colour is perfect for those of you who are new to colour or just want a bright lippy that takes a little less effort.

I know it is autumn for you northern hemisphere folk so I would love to hear what your favourite lip colours are as well.

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