Ombre Hair Essentials


I have recently lightened the ends of my hair (‘ombre’ you kids call it nowadays) and instantly after doing it, I just knew that I was going to have to amp up my hair care so my hair wasn’t breaking left, right and centre …

  1. A good deep conditioner. This was the product that made the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week which means I get a bit of product buildup so I like to really get my hair clean with shampoo but using my regular conditioner was leaving my hair feeling like straw so I have replaced my regular conditioner with a deep conditioner and wholy moly the difference was huge. My hair felt sleeker and softer and I wasn’t getting that ‘fried ends’ kinda look.
  2. Hair oil. This is my second absolute-must-have-essential. I used hair oil before I changed my hair but I only really used it after a blow-dry to calm some frizz and while it works excellently for that, my favourite thing to do with it is, on the day before I plan to wash my hair, at night I will put a ridiculous amount of oil through my hair, mainly on the ends. My hair looks like a greasy, oily, gross mess but then I pop it into a braid and go to sleep. The next morning my hair was absorbed all the oil and looks like it’s just had some fancy and expensive treatment. It is rather cool.
  3. Blonde enhancing treatment. Ombre hair can often lean more towards the brassy side of blonde. Mine does, however I wanted that. To make sure that my hair isn’t half brunette, half ginger, I like to use a blonde enhancing treatment about every 3 washes. Mine comes in the form of a purple conditioner and I leave it in for a few minutes, just like a normal conditioner, and when my hair dries, my hair is less brassy and more fabulous looking.
  4. Leave-In conditioner. You may be noticing a bit of a trend in these products. Nourishing and conditioning your hair is the most important thing when you have dyed it. When my hair is feeling a little bit drab and dry, I spritz in a bit of leave-in conditioner and then usually throw it into a bun or something so that it can properly absorb. It’s a great extra bit of moisture to make sure your hair doesn’t get beyond repair.

I hope those products can maybe help some of you with ombre hair, or even dry hair in general! If you have any holy grail products, I would love to hear about them because my love for hair care products has definitely been reignited thanks to my new do.

Thanks for reading,



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