A Weekend Away Makeup Bag


As you are probably reading this post I am off on a small family getaway to Kaikoura. I’ve packed my makeup bag and thought I would share the essentials I am bringing with me.  Note: This isn’t a particularly glamorous holiday so don’t be expecting too much.

The weather is forecast to be pretty drab over the weekend and our trip involves spending a lot of time outside (my favourite … not) so I’m not risking having a smokey eye and bright lip dripping off my face at the end of the cold and rainy day …


The most important thing I made sure I packed was my Clinique Super City Block. I am going to outside quite a bit, like I said, so even if it will be overcast and cloudy it is so so so so important to wear sunscreen. If I do feel like a fuller coverage look I’m bringing my current favourite foundation Smashbox Studio Skin Foundationbut I’m expecting to just be rocking some Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and a bit of Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder for an easier and more natural look. I find it really hard to not sweep on a little bit of bronzer and blush to make myself look alive so I’ve brought the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer and my Art Deco Blush CoutureAnd simply for pure indulgence, I have my favourite highlighter of the moment MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and GentleThat may seem like quite a lot and to be honest, it probably is but I am definitely a ‘just in case’ kinda gal.


My brow products come with me wherever I go so it shouldn’t be a surprise my Chi Chi High Definition Brow Pencil and Australis Brow Gel are packed away. In terms of eyeshadow, I probably won’t actually be wearing any but just in case I’ve packed my Art Deco Palette which I’ve filled with pretty much every shadow I wear on an everyday basis. It’s probably completely unnecessary, if I were smart I would just use my highlighter and bronzer as eyeshadows, but I’m not that smart. I’ve also thrown in MAC Wedge eyeshadow because it’s my favourite crease colour. My Loreal Voluminous Smouldering Liner and Chi Chi Eye Brightener seem to have found their way into my makeup bag as well as my Kevin Aucoin Lash Curlers and my favourite Chi Chi 3D Magic Lash mascara.


I only have 4 lip products!! Well 5 if you include lip balm … Realistically, I’m not going to be touching up my lippy every 5 minutes so whatever I use is going to last as long as the time until my next drink so I’ve chosen products that are super moisturising over anything else. I’ve packed the Maybelline Colour Whispers in Lust for Blush and Mad for Magenta because they’re easy to apply, super comfortable to wear and give a sheer but noticeable wash of colour. I’ve also tossed in my favourite combo at the moment which is MAC Cremecup and Maybelline Colour Elixer in Petal Plush.

And that’s it! Some may think that’s quite a lot of makeup but this is about as little makeup as I can ever travel with so I’m proud of myself.

Let me know your travel makeup essentials, I would love to know!

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