Being a Lash Extensions Model (Thanks to All About You)


The beauty and treatment clinic where I am a member, All About You (you can find them here) needed 2 models for some girls to learn how to apply eyelash extensions so of course my mum and I said yes!!

I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. I take a lot of pride in my lashes and they consume an embarrassingly long amount of time in my daily makeup routine so I didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. The two girls being trained (I believe they were Natalie and Jackie) were so lovely and down to earth and the teacher Lisa assured mum and myself that my eyelids would not be stuck together.

The nice thing about being a model to train on is that I actually learnt a lot, particularly that applying lash extensions is nothing like applying falsies and I struggle enough with that … The technique is seemingly simple but much harder to execute so it took a couple of hours from start to finish (including a toilet break because I didn’t listen to my mum and go before we started) but it was fun chatting to everyone and getting to know each other.

I actually quite enjoyed the experience, and I love my lashes. The photos are without any mascara or anything so I think the results are incredible and I can see how people get hooked! I can’t wait until I get them done again!

Thanks for reading (and thanks to All About You),



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