My Favourite Beauty Bloggers …


I have a constantly growing base of beauty bloggers that I love to read on a daily basis so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourites (although it’s hard to narrow it down) …

  1. Vivianna Does Makeup. My all time favourite. No one makes me crave everything they talk about like Vivianna does. She talks about everything from makeup to clothing to cooking to working out and the way that she talks about everything is flawless. She is an inspiration and I look forward to her posts every single day.
  2. I Covet Thee. Speaking of people who make products sound soo good I want to run to the shops and buy them …  Alix has such a beautiful way of talking about products that is so knowledgeable and helpful plus her lifestyle posts are to die for.
  3.  Lily Pebbles. If Lily Pebbles loves a product then I know I will love it. She gives such honest reviews of products, the pros and cons, who will love it and who will hate it that I feel like I have tried the product myself! And with her Wear Life Eats posts, she makes me want to move to London on the next flight out.
  4. Liana Beauty. When I think of Amelia Liana, my mind instantly goes to ‘best high end makeup reviews’ but when I think about it a bit more, she actually has a lot of helpful reviews on ‘budget buy’ drugstore products that have introduced me to some new brands I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. She is definitely the perfect mix of high end to drugstore reviews.
  5. Hello October. Suzie is the most recent discovery out of these top 5 but she has earned her place here. She is incredibly easy to read and adorable (especially alongside her new puppy). She is honest and informative but what I love most of all is that she seems super friendly and fun to be around. Does that sound creepy?

Anyways, those are my top 5 beauty bloggers. I would freaking love to hear who your favourites are because I am always looking for more excuses to procrastinate.

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Beauty Bloggers …

  1. Have you gotten into the YouTube beauty world?! We are so addicted… I swear I watch more YouTube beauty videos than I do actual TV! We love Carli Bybel who also has a blog and Jaclyn Hill who has an awesome YouTube channel!!! ❤


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