Can We Have A Moment About Nails …


It is officially spring here in New Zealand and my nails are rejoicing. I never fully get into the Autumn/Winter dark nails (although Essie Bahama Mama is my go-to colour) so when spring comes around, all my favourite nail polishes get dusted off and these are a few new faves … 

The Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colours are some of my absolute favourite formulas (especially their topcoat) so when I spotted this pastel purple Endless Lilac, I could stop myself and because they had a ‘buy one get 50% off another’ I just had to pick up the most beautiful rose shade called Rose Poudre.

And I wouldn’t have a nail polish collection without a pastel minty colour right? I picked up this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in B Girl partly to give the formula a go but also because I couldn’t resist this cute colour.

Let me know some of your favourite nail polish colours because a girl can never have too many (at least that’s what I tell myself)

Thanks for reading,



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