Instantly Repurchased: Camomile Cleansing Oil


Even those products that seem to last forever run out eventually and for me, that happened the other day with my absolute favourite cleansing oil.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is what I use every single night to remove my makeup and it is by far the easiest method of shedding the day’s makeup I have ever tried. It completely emulsifies every bit of makeup on my face and really clears my pores from anything as well.

Fully removing your makeup from your face can contribute hugely to helping to clear up problematic skin and, for me it has done exactly that. Since using this product, my pores have been less clogged, leading to fewer breakouts and, despite having the oiliest skin imaginable, my skin appears less oily because it is being cleansed so well.

I heard about this product through Amelia Liana┬ábecause she raves about it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. She has more dry skin and she loves it as well so I don’t have a single negative about this product and I don’t have a single reason why you shouldn’t go out and give it a go!!

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6 thoughts on “Instantly Repurchased: Camomile Cleansing Oil

    • Personally I can’t stand waterproof mascara, I don’t usually have a problem with regular mascara lasting on me and I hate the effort it takes to get it off! Despite that, from other reviews I’ve heard that it actually works wonders on waterproof mascara!

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