My New Workspace/Organisation Tips


I am finally happy with how my desk is set up (it’s taken a while) so I thought I would share with you what I’ve got on it and also add in some of my organisational tips because I’m nice like that.

It is no lie that I can be a bit of a control freak when it comes to what I keep in my room and how everything is organised (I like to call it ‘passionate’). I have a couple of things in particular that I find super helpful in staying on top of everything so listen up …


I like to keep my desk quite tidy and simple so right in the middle of my desk I keep my laptop, a MacBook Air. It is where I do all of my blogging and all of my university work (which I keep in the draw directly under here). On the left I keep a jar of my favourite pens and the only pens I really like to use and on the right i have a jar of highlighters which are very important. You will find out why.


Over on the left side of my desk I keep my planners. The one on top is a monthly planner and the one on the bottom is a weekly planner. I am more forgetful than a goldfish so I need things to be written down and kept right in front of me at all times otherwise I will forget so this is a very crucial part, for me, to stay organised. The monthly planner keeps track of bigger, important dates such as birthdays, tests, appointments, work, posts etc. Then the weekly planner breaks my days down into specifically what I have planned for that day, for example posts that need to be drafted, photos that need to be taken, uni quizzes that are due etc. It allows me to know exactly when things are due, what is happening for the month/week and makes it so much easier to manage my time because I never forget something important and then suddenly realise I have a report due that day. And everything is … wait for it … colour coordinated. Yes, things like this excite me. The Calendar on my laptop and both of my planners are all colour coordinated so I can easily see what relates to blogging, university, work, social events (this one doesn’t come up too often) and other such things. It definitely isn’t a necessary step in staying organised but it is so much fun!! Anyone? Also, I keep extra stationery and calculators, paper clips etc in the draw under here.


Over on the right side of my desk I keep some extra bits ‘nd bobs. You can see in the corner of the photo that my bed actually sits next to my desk so I keep my water bottle on this side and other things like that. I have a couple of candles to set the mood when I spend a romantic evening rewatching Friends by myself on a Saturday night. I also have some sticky notes because everyone has to have some sticky notes and then I have another planning tool! This is a To Do List which is actually divided into 2 columns. Each column is titled with ‘For _____’ and I have one column for ‘Blogging’ and the other for ‘University’. It is super handy because I know exactly what tasks need to be done and, depending on whether I am in a blogging mood or a university mood, I can easily see what I can do. It absolutely love this list.

That is actually everything that sits on my new desk! Like I said, I keep it quite simple and tidy and I have been getting so much work done which I couldn’t be happier with.

Thanks for reading everyone,



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