Try new makeup without spending a dollar


Do you ever find yourself in a makeup rut where you are sick of the products that, just the other day, you were obsessed over? I get the urge to try new products and extend my collection even further however old Mr Bank Balance doesn’t approve. So I thought I would share with you 3 tips on how to try new makeup without spending a dollar.

  1. Make the most of free samples. I have never been to a makeup counter that has refused to give a sample of a foundation.If you have the urge to wear a really dewy finish foundation, but your collection is full of mattes, go to a counter and ask for a sample. They are usually enough for a couple of applications and you haven’t spent any money! This is one of my favourite things to do.
  2. Swap with your friends. Say you have a lipstick that was a total impulse buy and yo are never going to wear and your friend has a foundation that is 2 shades too dark for them, swap!!! As long as everything is hygienic and sanitised there is absolutely no problem with it. When my friends and I are getting ready for a night out, I am always doing at least one person’s makeup and I like to use a mixture of my own and their makeup and that is the best way to try new things and see how they work.
  3. Shop your stash. This works particularly well if you have a larger makeup collection (like myself) and you have products that you’ve bought and completely forgotten about or used once and stashed away never to be seen again. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve rediscovered something that I already owned and amazed myself in regards to how much I love it. It sounds so silly but it works, I promise!

Those are just 3 simple tips on how to try new things for free, I hope you enjoyed them,

Thanks for reading,



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