Liquid Breakfast of Champions


I have always seen those pretty hipster posts of health freaks drinking their green smoothies and I thought ‘how can that taste nice and actually fill you up??’ Well … Turns out it does both.

I have been starting my day off with a fruit and veg filled smoothie for a few weeks now and I have noticed I’ve had more energy and my skin is even looking better.

The ingredients change every morning, depending on what is in the fridge but this is pretty much a typical smoothie for me.

I start with a banana and add a good handful of spinach which is a super effortless way of getting some iron and really good vitamins into me, and I add a handful of blueberries which are a skin superfood and make it really tasty. I was using kiwifruit instead of blueberries and that made it a really bright green colour but low and behold I’m allergic!!
To make it nice and creamy I add a good spoonful of yoghurt and think a splash or two of pineapple juice, coconut water and a blend of coconut and almond milk.
Blend it all together and stick a straw in it. Done!!

I drink them on the go as I’m leaving and they genuinely fill me up until lunch or even longer.

I have been converted into a smoothie lover and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for reading,


ps puppies approve of the smoothie as well



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