Review: My first Smashbox purchase



I recently found out that a local store stocks Smashbox Cosmetics so I thought I would start with a product that I heard a raving review on from Shaaanxo (who I trust wholeheartedly).

I picked up the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in the colour 1.2 which is a really good match for me. The woman who was helping me was an absolute darling and totally convinced me to buy an extra product she tried on me because I was so happy with it all.

The makeup artist applied the foundation to my skin and taught me quite a bit about it. It is medium coverage with 1 thin layer but it is definitely buildable to a flawless full coverage. It dries to a matte finish and I feel that it needs to be set with a powder because it feels a little tacky, but once its set its absolutely fine. It is supposed to adjust to the natural colour of your skin so that it truly is your ‘perfect match’ and I really do love the colour that I got.

It is super duper long lasting and doesn’t oxidize or separate when my skin does eventually get a little oily (which is inevitable with any foundation). There truly isn’t anything I dislike about this foundation which is making me want to try more from the brand … lord help my bank account.

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