Makeup Bag Bits ‘n Bobs


I don’t like to carry around a huge makeup bag full of stuff that I don’t actually use when I’m out and about like so many others seem to do. I like to minimise products and maximise uses so I thought I would share exactly that with you.

  1. Powder. This is a necessity for my oily skin. I carry around the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB powder and mine is very well loved. Unfortunately the packaging did not withstand my clumsiness and snapped into 3 pieces when it fell on the floor but the product itself is fine despite a few cracks. I really love this powder for touch ups during the day because it mattifies and controls shine but is doesn’t turn your foundation into a funky mess.
  2. Powder Brush. My absolute favourite for the job is the Eco Tools Sheer Finish Kabuki. It is a duo fibre kabuki so it is perfect for powdering throughout the day because it doesn’t pick up a bunch of products and really gently buffs the powder into the skin and then on top of all that it is perfectly travel sized.
  3. Lip Balm. Another necessity. Alongside powder, this is probably my most used makeup item in my makeup bag. Sitting in air-conditioned rooms sucks the moisture out of my lips in minutes so I always have some form of Blistex with me (sometimes even in my pocket). I find them super rehydrating and that’s all I really need. Sometimes, usually if I remember, I carry around the lip colour I’m wearing that day too.
  4. Concealer. Sometimes I just get a pesky wee spot pop up during the day when I’m out and about and I like to have a good concealer, this is the Benefit Erase Paste which is super high coverage for spots, and I just dab a bit on wherever I need and Bob’s your uncle, it’s gone.
  5. Hand Sanitiser and Hand Cream. I’m definitely not a germaphobe but sometimes it all gets a bit too much and I need to sanitise my hands except I don’t like the dry feeling that it gives so I always have a itty bitty hand creams with it so I can rub some goodness back into my skin after. And I actually use the hand cream quite a bit since it is currently winter and ridiculously cold here in NZ.
  6. Druuugs. I don’t have a particularly high tolerance for pain so when I get a headache or cramps around that time of the month (*ahem*) I need something to help.
  7. Hair ties and bobby pins. I always seem to need a hair tie when I don’t have one so I always have approximately a million on me at all times. No joke. If there isn’t one in my hair, it is on my wrist, there is one in my wallet, one in my makeup bag and a few scattered around my bag. I’m like a crazy hair tie lady.
  8. Plasters. Underrated but necessary. Running from class to class, because I am fortunate to have consecutive classes on opposite sides of my university, I get blisters like nobody’s business and it’s either put a plaster on or hobble around with a bloody foot …
  9. Mints. Because no one wants to smell your lunch 5 hours after you’ve eaten it.

That may seem like a lot to some of you, to others that may seem like hardly anything but either way, those are the things that I carry around with me on a daily basis. Of course if I’m wearing a bright lip that gets thrown in too but these are my essentials.

I hope you enjoyed reading,



2 thoughts on “Makeup Bag Bits ‘n Bobs

  1. great post!! i’m obsessed with hand cream and hand sanitizer as well!! it’s bordering on compulsion now 😉 ❤


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