Warning: Do Not Eat


I have been in the market for some new scrubs and by golly have I found some winners. It’s just a shame these are a limited edition release from The Body Shop. These new scents are Vineyard Peach and Early Harvest Raspberry and i am not joking when I say they smell good enough to eat.


The Vineyard Peach is a cream body scrub so it feels nourishing on the skin. It doesn’t feel like you have completely stripped your skin which is always a good thing. The scrubby bits (totally the technical name) are the perfect size and ratio of big scrubbies to small scrubbies so they are gentle enough but still buff away dead skin, and old fake tan in my case. On top of all this, it smells like you shoved your nose into a peach. It is amazing. 


Now, if you think the peach scrub smells good, then you need to get your hands on this one. Not only does it look like raspberry jam but it smells exactly like it too! This scrub has a gel base, so it isn’t going to be as moisturising as the peach but that doesn’t mean it is drying at all. It has the same scrubby goodness as before and I am obsessed with them. 





If you’re interested in these then I would get it quick because they are selling out fast (my store only had 2 left when I bought these). But I would recommend dashing in there asap because these are definitely worth running for. 


Thanks for reading



ps Can we just appreciate for a second how fabulous I looked while I was taking these photos. I would have smiled for the photo except my face mask was refusing.




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