Tips to recover from a night out


I think it is fair to say that we all look a little worse for wear after a night out. I am definitely no exception. So i thought it would only be fair to me to share with you some of the thing I do to make myself look alive (even when I feel far from it)

  1. Take your makeup off before you go to sleep. PLEASE. I am begging you. Whether it is a makeup wipe or your whole skincare routine, I don’t care. Just take your makeup off and your skin will thank you in the morning.
  2. Use a lightweight and natural finish foundation. Your skin is probably going to be dehydrated from the alcohol and not looking its best so a high coverage, heavy foundation is going to make you look worse. I recommend something like a BB cream (I really love the Rimmel one) or light coverage such as the Double Wear Light.
  3. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes and wear a white or nude liner in your waterline. This will instantly brighten your eyes and counteract the any redness in your eyes from lack of sleep etc and as an added tip, wear a few generous coats of mascara to help open up your eyes.
  4. Wear a bright lip (but not too bright). A statement bright lip is going to make you look really polished and put together and allows you to take it easy on the eyes and rest of the face. I recommend something sheer however so you don’t have to stress about lining the lips, maintaing the colour and worrying too much about smudging. I like the Maybelline Colour Whispers for this job, especially the fushia colour.
  5. Finally … caffeine. Let’s be honest, it’s a necessity. We can use all the makeup tricks in the world to make us look awake but if I don’t have coffee then my eyes will be shut tight.


I hope this might help some of you, I certainly follow these tips myself after a night out and I don’t get too many ‘are you sick?’ comments so I take that as a good sign?


Thanks for reading



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