Travel Beauty Tips


I am about to depart on a long-awaited holiday and when I was packing I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all my top beauty tips for travelling so here we go …

  1. SUNSCREEN!!! I thought I would put the most important tip first. For me personally, I burn faster than you can say ‘SPF’ so no matter where I go I always bring sunscreen. When you’re on holiday, regardless of where you’re going, typically you spend more time outside or travelling around site-seeing and all that fun holiday-y stuff so protecting your skin should be a top beauty priority. I am on my way over to Hamilton Island on a boat so needless to say this Clinique Super City Block with SPF 40 is essential.
  2. Bring along all those samples and freebies that are just collecting dust. While I’m not recommending you completely switch up your skincare routine with all brand new products, I do suggest you maybe pick a couple of wee things that are super travel-friendly and give them a go! You might find something you really love.
  3. Pack outfits not clothes. This one needs a little bit of explaining. When I need to pack a suitcase to go somewhere, I never throw in a couple of t-shirts, a pair of jeans and a dress. I just can’t do it. I will, without a doubt, forget something like a belt or necklace or the right pair of shoes. I plan outfits and lay it all out, match clothes that work together so that I am not getting ready in my hotel and suddenly realising I forgot socks … Do the same with your makeup! Think about where you’re going, how long you’ll be there and what you’ll be doing once you’re there so that you are prepared. I’ll be spending my holiday on a boat so I’m not doing to need high-coverage foundation and a bold red lip am I?
  4. Pack multi-purpose items. Whether it’s a highlighter that can be an eyeshadow or a palette that has both, it you minimise excess packaging then you will maximise the total products that you can bring!

Those are 4 of my favourite tips for packing for your holiday. I hope you have a lovely holiday yourself whether it involves travelling somewhere or even if a holiday for you is taking an hour to read some blog posts and watch some youtube, a break is still a break right?


Thanks for reading



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