New (to NZ) Maybelline Colour Elixers


I was innocently wandering around Farmers the other day and I say that Maybelline had a whole butt load of new products on their stand. I grabbed more than I should have but I was particularly excited about this new lip glosses. I have heard heaps of beauty gurus taking about these and raving about them and now I know why!

I picked up the shades Hibiscus Haven (left) and Petal Plush (right) but I could have grabbed all of the shades. They remind me a lot of the NYX Butter Glosses as they are relatively pigmented for a lip gloss and they give a smooth and natural tint to the lips.

Hibiscus Haven and Petal Plush

They are extremely easy to wear, either on their own or over top of a lipstick. I quite like throwing one in my handbag and using it to touch up my lip colour or to add a little bit of colour and shine or my normal lips.


I would highly recommend checking them out if you are in New Zealand, mostly because the rest of the world has had them for months and months because New Zealand is so slow to get new products.


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